Friendly Forest Preschool created the perfect environment to nurture both of my children’s different needs. My son thrived in the freedom to play with his friends covered in paint, mud, or pillows! While my daughter loved exploring the myriad of interesting activities that suited her fancy from make believe dress up to walks in the forest. Its the best preschool ever!

A Friendly Forest Parent

My daughter attended Friendly Forest preschool for 2 years! During that time she gained confidence, was creative and above all, made friends. From my perspective she became more independent, interacted with her peers & took direction from other adults. She blossomed in Friendly Forest!

The teachers are patient & kind, those may seem simple qualities but to a child they are priceless. The children are encouraged to try new experiences, to be creative & to experiment. They bake too & it’s not in your kitchen!

Willow graduated from Friendly Forest, she was always excited to attend, I too, thoroughly enjoyed the parent cooperation & participation that Friendly Forest fosters, the children recognise that parents & teachers can work together to support their learning experience!

Friendly Forest is exceptional, truly exceptional!

A Friendly Forest Parent

Friendly Forest Preschool is a magical world which fosters children’s imagination and learning through a never ending palette of creative and practical activities. Young children gain confidence as they explore and question their world. They develop confidence as the engage in creative and practical life skills. Friendly Forest builds on children’s interests and challenges them with new ones. Whether they are out on adventurous forest walks, learning how to cook, participating in a wide range of creative activities or taking part in scientific experiments, children will love being a part of this caring, wonderful community.

A Friendly Forest Parent